13 Comic Strips You’ll Totally Relate To If You Live With A Cat


Life with cats is wonderful, but we can certainly say there’s never a dull moment! Cats are very much their own creatures and will basically do whatever they feel like whenever they feel like it. And, if that means making a ruckus at 3am, then so be it! The folks over at “Catsu the Cat,” a small cat-supply business in Estonia, not only sell products but also publish a weekly cartoon strip inspired by their own cat, Dita. However, we think anyone who shares their home with a cat will identify! So, check out these thirteen comic strips you’ll totally relate to if you live with a cat!



When your cat is basically an alarm clock.


It’s anyone’s guess what they do all night!


Everyone knows water from a bowl is highly inferior.


If there’s a sunspot, your cat will be in it!


This can get kind of creepy when nobody else is home.


Classic cat sleeping position!


If one person is getting the face end, the other person is getting the worse end of the deal.


Cats don’t even need to try to get Instagram famous.


Every time!


When you don’t want to disturb your cat.


As soon as you so much as think about trimming your cat’s claws…


Ugh. Actually, I’m good.


Cats are easily offended!

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