Fitness Blogger Shares Food Comparisons To Change The Way You Think About Food

 There’s a lot of conflicting information and advertising floating around these days that can make it difficult for people to understand what’s healthy. Whether your goal is weight gain or weight loss, it’s easy to be mislead, confused and tricked into what you should and shouldn’t eat. British fitness blogger Lucy Mountain wants to help people to make more informed decisions. She posts side by side comparison photos that make you question things. Take a look and see what you think!
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Fitness Blogger Shares Food Comparisons

This is Lucy. 

White Americano Vs Flat White

Learn which drinks have less calories! 

100g Of Milk Chocolate Vs 100g Dark Chocolate

If you prefer milk chocolate over dark, just go for it. It’s actually less calories! 

Water Vs Flavored Water

Beware that flavored water has more calories than you may have thought.

Hand Full Of Almonds Vs Packet Of Fruit Pastilles

Sweets in moderation won’t harm you. 

100 kcal Fresh Strawberries Vs 100 kcal Dried Strawberries

Dried fruit may be easier on the go but fresh fruit is often more satiating. 

100g Milk Chocolate Vs 100g Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Milk Free Chocolate

Some people equate ‘free from’ to being healthy which then equals weight loss. This is not always the case. 

Salt And Vinegar Crisps Vs Vegetable Crisps

You would expect the vegetable crisps to better, right?

Fatloss Vs Fattening

No single food will cause weight gain. No single food will cause weight loss. 

Solero Vs Magnum

If you’re trying to lose weight, swapping your sweet treat can help. 


Both of these salads have cheese, croutons, avocado and dressing. However, the one on the left uses lower kcal cheeses and a home made dressing, along with toast for croutons.

One Serving Vs Actual Serving

Watch out for this when you are checking packaging for calorie information! 


You can still have toast with your butter and the calorie count be reasonable. Just don’t slather it on! 

Belvita Vs McVities

These two biscuits have practically the same calories and macros. The digestives are slightly higher in protein and lower in sugar. However, Belvita biscuits have a few extra micro-nutrients.


These are all the same size yet vary hugely in calorie count. If your goal is weight loss, watch what you’re throwing into your smoothies!