15 Awesome Gardening Tips For The Budding Horticulturist


If you're sometimes left wondering how, exactly, does your garden grow (hint…it's probably not with silver bells or cockle shells), then these gardening tips might be for you. Whether you're a beginner at gardening or an old pro, there's always something new to learn. Check out these awesome ideas that will help you brighten your blooms and grow up a storm!


Make your own non-toxic weed killer.


Shred soap around your plants to deter pests.


Collect rain water for your garden.


Plastic forks can help keep animals out of your garden.


Plant your rose cuttings in potatoes.


Craft a DIY irrigation system out of an old soda bottle.


Make cute painted stones to mark your herbs and other edibles.


An old milk jug can become a mini greenhouse for seedlings.


Sprinkle coffee grounds around your plants. Not only do they add extra nutrients to the soil, they can also deter some critters, such as rabbits and squirrels.


Epsom salts can improve soil quality, making your plants grow larger and helping seeds to germinate.



Use old egg shells as starters.


Diapers (unused!!) can help keep your potted plants healthier.


Old crates can make excellent raised beds.


Add tea bags to your compost, as they're full of nutrients.


Citrus peel in compost and around plants can help deter aphids and mosquitoes. 


Did you learn anything new? We sure did!

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