This Man Built A Tiny House For A Big Reason


Each morning, a woman named Smokie would knock on the door of Elvis Summers' home in Los Angeles, asking if he had anything she could take to be recycled. After some time, Summers got talking to Smokie and the pair became friends. When Summers learned that Smokie was sleeping rough, with no shelter at all to protect her, he decided to do something. He bought some lumber and plywood and made a tiny house on wheels for Smokie. It might not be much, but it will offer her protection from the elements and a more secure place to store any belongings. The LAPD supported the project and said that, as long as Smokie moves her home once every 72 hours, there's no problem. Let's take a look!







If you want to see Elvis in action, and Smokie moving in to her new home, check out the video below!




What a kind and selfless thing to do! Elvis Summers you are a good man!