20 Fun And Futuristic Design Ideas For Your Home


Want to be the envy of all your friends and neighbors? Then why not get a hot tub with a built-in television, or a slide linking your top floor from the bottom. Designers are coming up with new, fun and futuristic home decor ideas every day. So why not make your house stand out from the rest with something a little way out and different? Check out these 20 ideas for inspiration and have a little fun with your home…


You'll want to make sure the door is locked when bathing in this glass-walled bath.


The office pod will cut down your daily commute!


Chill out with this cool coffee table.

Keep sharp with this mobile ping pong table.


Forget the stairs, install a slide for a more fun way to descend.


Or, just add a bit of creative flair to your stairs.


Create a talking point with this ocean-inspired table.


Or, bring the beach to your feet with this desk sand box.


Relax in style in this luxury hot tub.


Create a real scene and walk on water with an indoor creek under your floor.


Delight the kiddies with this cool table swing set.


Lounge to you heart's content in what looks to be the comfiest chair ever created.


Delight your friends with this wicked home theater set-up.


Get a cat tunnel. Because the furry ones like to have fun, too!


Never suffer burnt toast again. Ever. 



Install these cool deck ponds.


Impress with a spiral cellar. 


Keep things organized with drawer cupboards.


Feel like a mixologist with a proper bar sink.


Chill out in this awesome overhead hammock.

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