You Won’t Believe What This Tiny House Is Insulated With


Ever Fancied Growing Your Own House? Well now you can…kinda! This very cool and cute looking tiny house is insulated with mycelium (mushroom root) which is packed between wooden panels. Containing no worrisome toxins and being very green and also fire resistant, could mushroom houses be the future of eco friendly home design?


What's more is that mushroom insulation takes only days to grow, is strong and completely airtight. It is also cost effective and brilliantly insulating. Created by Ecovative Design and coming in at US$9,000 for the standard kit and $12,000 for a replica deluxe one, the eco friendliness of the house can be enhanced further with solar panels and more. Oh and it's fully transportable too!

Website: mushroomtinyhouse


What a cool little house!


Tiny house on the move.



Tiny house goes to NYC!


And this is mycelium as seen under a scanning electron microscope. Mind blowing fact: there are literally miles of these mushroomy fibers in every last cubic inch of insulation.


Watch the video below


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