20 People Share The Savage Things Kids Have Said To Them And It’s Beyond Funny

When your baby arrives in this world, you look at them, seeing something wonderfully pure and innocent. Unfortunately, it’s not long before you realize that this doesn’t last for very long and kids can grow up to be pretty savage.

They somehow manage to outsmart and outwit you, leaving you feeling stumped. Not only this, but the recent generations seem sassier and more headstrong than ever before! Here we have some funny tweets about kids proving how brutal they can be.

Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices to have a pet join our families. Even if it means dad’s got to sleep outside, apparently! 

This kid is simply using their initiative!

Things like this really make you think…

Were the stormtroopers really that stupid that they took on an ice queen?!

It really is scary when your kids start talking back to you! Especially if they are clever!

This would probably make us choke on our food also! 

Isn’t it so lovely when your kids say the nicest things?

You can’t fool this 6 year old, dad. She’s way ahead of you it seems!

We need to know their ages to make an accurate judgement!

Parents these days need to be more specific. Otherwise, the kids will forever outsmart you!

Despite how utterly offensive and irritating kids can be sometimes, you love them none the less. In fact, sometimes you face an internal battle. You’re shocked by what your kid has come out with but you’re somewhat impressed by it. Furthermore, it drives you insane that someone who is less than a quarter of your age can leave you speechless and stuck on how to respond! Kids are far too clever for their own good these days! Keep scrolling to see even more savage tweets! 

Kids do the sweetest things. In fact, who doesn’t love having poop hands rubbed on their face? This dad’s a lucky guy! 

We relate with this little girl. Having her as a daughter must be a blast!

A future comedian in the making for sure! 

We shouldn’t laugh, but, we did, a lot. Brutal! 

At least she answered that question honestly! 

When your kid has mastered sass at such a young age… 

If only that was the solution. 

The lesson here is to always shout at your kids in advance! 

Don’t take it personally Jim, most kids would react this way! 

Unfortunately, the 4 year old isn’t wrong! We wonder if she bagged the candy or not…