Pictures Showing How Everything Looks Better With Googly Eyes

Googly eyes can give even the most miserable things a new breath of life. Thanks to the artistic ingenuity of the people who took and shared these pictures proving how googly eyes can make normal objects look more interesting.


15.    This glass of beer can’t contain its happiness.

14.   Why is Old Green Tom staring at me like that?

13.   When you suddenly bump into a friend whom you haven’t seen for a such a long time.

12.    He looks so determined to keep the gold medal.

11.    The title of the book says it all.

10.    This movie is ‘terrifically exciting’! Even Liam Neeson agrees!

9.    Have you tried to yawn with your eyes open? Well, this baby can!

8.    The first page of a drink menu shows you how enthusiastic the bartender is to serve you.

7.     This Underground sign in London received an unexpected makeover and it looks happy about it.

6.    Can’t stop drooling…

5.    A young hawk trying on his new pair of googly eyes.

4.    How to ‘define your bold eyes’ with googly eyes.

3.    This hair doughnut wants to be a part of Sesame Street.

2.    The silent scream of despair…

1.    A pair of googly eyes makes this tv comes alive.