Smart And Simple Design Solutions Which Make Every Day Life Easier

Often, the smallest solutions to daily problems make our lives a whole lot easier and they also expand the efficiency of common objects. Here we have a list of 16 simple design solutions created to resolve everyday issues. These smart ideas are just brilliant! Take a look! 

Faucet Handle Extender for Little Hands

Fitting Room with Unique Clothing Hook Labels

Containers with Separate Sections for Dips and Sauces

Recoiling Socket Extender

Chewing Gum That Comes with Paper for Wrapping The Used Gum

Credit Card Tip Jar

Mini Remote Control In A Restaurant with 3 Buttons for Calling The Waiter, Asking for The Bill or Clearing The Table.

A Cup with A Hole for Tea Bags

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Slides for When You’re Too Lazy to Use The Stairs

Drinking Fountain for Humans and Dogs

Heel Nozzles to Make Walking on Grass and Soil Easier

Baby Carriage and Scooter to Keep Babies Safe and Parents Entertained

Shopping Cart with Built In Calculator to Ensure You’ll Stick to Your Budget

Washbasin on Top of The Toilet. Great Way to Conserve Water.

Wine Ice Cream = Pure Bliss

Elevator with A Call Button Placed at The Start of The Hallway So That The Doors Are Open by The Time You Reach It