‘Prynt’ Is An Incredible Phone Case Which Prints Pictures Instantly


For anyone who's old enough to remember the joys of having a 'Polaroid' camera, you might miss the instant gratification of it all. Sure, with smartphones you can take a photo and have it posted simultaneously on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter within 30 seconds, but what if you want a physical copy of a photo to frame or stick up on your fridge? Or, whatever people used to do with their printed photos in the olden days? That's where this awesome new 'Prynt' phone case comes in handy. You can attach it to an iPhone 6, 6s, 5, 5s or 5c, or a Samsung Galaxy s5, or s4. It prints out photos in moments by using thermal printing technology, rather than ink. The device will set you back $150 and then another $25 for 50 print strips, but we think this is fairly reasonable, all things considered! Check it out!
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Learn more about this device in the video below.


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