13 Crazy Dieting Myths That Have Now Been Busted


These days it seems like everyone is always trying to lose weight. People are going on silly fad diets, which anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out are not sustainable, nor healthy. That aside, there's still a whole lot of misinformation out there about what you should and shouldn't eat! Cut out salt, we're told. Avoid eggs, if you want to escape heart disease. Don't eat carbs. Get rid of fat from your diet. These are just some of the most common dieting 'facts' that are, when it comes down to it, just myths. We debunk them for you, below! Check it out! 


MYTH: All salad is good for you.


Salad can be good for you, but be careful… when you include fatty dressings it can really have the opposite effect.



MYTH: Vegetable oils are healthy.


No, they're not. They are high in Omega-6 fatty acids which are bad for you. So consume oils in small doses!



MYTH: Juicing is a necessary cleanse.


There are some people who swear by living on juice alone for days at a time. It's not a good idea, as juice lacks things like protein, fiber and acids, which your body needs to function properly.



MYTH: Carbs make you fat.


Carbs have gained a reputation for being evil monsters that make you fat. But remember, they're actually vital to your health and the healthy functioning of your brain!



MYTH: Meat is bad for you.


Meat is not bad for you, just watch what sort you are eating. Don't eat red meat all the time, mix it up with white meats, too.




MYTH: Low fat diets are good for you.


Did you know that a third of the calories you consume in a day should actually come from fats. Just try to make sure they're healthy ones, like those found in the foods pictured above!



MYTH: Fasting speeds up weight loss.


Yes, it does have an initial effect of lowering weight. But ultimately, fasting can have negative long term effects on the body. The only way to lose weight properly is to excercise.



MYTH: You can eat as much as you want as long as it's healthy.


No. This is just plain wrong!



MYTH: Late night eating will cause you to gain weight.


The time you eat doesn't matter. What matters is how many calories you consume overall, compared with how many you burn off, overall.



MYTH: Only eat when you're hungry.


While you shouldn't overfill yourself, eating balanced, small meals at regular intervals is the best way to keep metabolism going and lose weight!



MYTH: Eggs are terrible for your heart.


This couldn't be further from the truth. Eggs contain vitamins A, B, E, and D and are a great source of protein!



MYTH: Saturated fat is bad.


While too much is definitely not a good thing, saturated fats are not as evil as they are made out to be. As part of a balanced diet, they're fine and essential to your overall health.



MYTH: Too much salt leads to heart issues.


There is no scientific proof that this is the case. However, eating too much salt can increase your blood pressure!


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