Ridiculous ’80s and ’90s Hairstyles That Should Never Come Back

Style is a very personal thing. You either have it or you don’t. Fashion, on the other hand is something completely different. It involves following trends and wearing looks that are supposedly hot right now. The problem with fashion is that what works for one individual might look and feel completely different and even wrong on someone else. Take a look at these photos from the ’80s and ’90s. At some point people must have felt that these were good hairstyles. Bizarre. Take a look and let us know what your favorite image is in the comments.


There could be a whole other world inside that hair!

Surely this is going to make a comeback soon!

She must have loved using hairspray.

funny 80s 90s hairstyles big bob


This girl must love using hairspray even more than the last one!

Is this a hat?

A bizarrely cute look!

funny 80s 90s hairstyles curly


We just don’t have words!

funny 80s 90s hairstyles bob


He loved mushrooms so much he tried to become one.

funny 80s 90s hairstyles blond mushroom


Erm. What a beautiful style.

It’s like a gothic pineapple!

funny 80s 90s hairstyles black pineapple


Arrgh! There are two of them!

funny 80s 90s hairstyles doppelgangers


We guess this isn’t so bad.

This is just wrong in so many ways.

Did one side fall off?

So, it looks like the ’80s and ’90s were the time that style forgot. If you’ve any old family photos from then, dig them out now and you’ll see how dated the fashions and hairstyles of the day are compared to now. They were pretty funny looking to be fair! Kids in particular seemed to be allowed to express themselves in those days far more than they do now. From crazy long sideburns on girls to strange lopsided hairdos on either sex, they’re all here! Keep on scrolling and let us know about your own hair fails in the comments below.

Didn’t old-fashioned dolls have wigs like this?

funny 80s 90s hairstyles huge curly


An unusual angle!

 We suspect that an actual bowl was used in the creation of this hairdo.

Mullet-tastically amazing!

Dragged-through-a-hedge chic!

Is that a guinea pig sitting on her head?

At least she’s happy with it!

funny 80s 90s hairstyles teeth short fringe


We think she’s been to her grandma’s hairdresser!

The gothic Brillo pad look.

And the logic behind this was?

Maybe she styled her hair in the dark.

funny 80s 90s hairstyles one side bushy


Nice sideburns.

Well, this is interesting.

This little kid is loving her look and so are we!

funny 80s 90s hairstyles glasses girl