Things Passengers Do That Make Uber Drivers Angry

Uber might not have established an etiquette that comes along between the driver and the passenger yet, but here are the things that you may want to avoid doing if you want to keep your five-star rating. The next time you request a ride, keep these things in mind so that you don’t make Uber drivers angry!

Keep your business to yourself.

GPS knows best.

It’s fine as long as…

I’ll do it my Waze.

Some girls are just so weird.

Don’t drink and ride.

I’ve enough on my hands already.

No thanks!

You get to meet different types of people everyday.

Leave it all to the driver.

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Rate the driver, not the car.

Careful with that.

What’s in a name?

Safe and sound.


That’s awful.

Where is ‘common sense’ when you need it?

We have our own preferences in music.

Sweet revenge.

Get a room.