15 Awesome Kitchen Hacks You’ll Wish You Discovered Ages Ago


If you cook regularly, you'll know how much time you can end up spending in the kitchen, just trying to prepare nutritious meals and clean up afterwards. That's why kitchen hacks like these can be lifesavers, cutting back on the time and effort that you spend in the kitchen. Not to mention saving you some of your hard-earned cash along the way. Check them out!


Use a straw to hull a strawberry.


Reuse Tic Tac containers to hold spices.


Turn old coffee creamer containers into snack dispensers. 


Easily cut potatoes with an apple slicer.


Use a plastic knife to cut brownies without them sticking to the knife.


Peel garlic the easy way.


Use oil or cooking spray to make it easier to get sticky ingredients, like syrup or peanut butter, to come out of measuring cups.


Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil if you won't be able to use them up before they spoil. 


Freeze wet sponges in a ziplock bag to use as cheap alternatives to ice packs.



Use floss to neatly an evenly cut soft foods, such as cake and cheese.


Use old bread ties to label wires.


Quickly pit cherries using a bottle and a chopstick. 


Use cookie cutters as stencils to decorate cakes with sprinkles.


Place a wooden spoon over your saucepan to stop the water from boiling over.


Prick the large end of an egg with a pin before hard boiling to make it easier to peel.

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