13 Funny Monsters Merged Into Everyday Life That Will Improve Your Mood

Wouldn’t it be great if monsters were real? As long as they were the friendly kind, of course! Think about how much more interesting life would be if we shared it with fantasy creatures. One person who helps to bring this vision to life in a hilarious way is Jasper St Aubyn West. All of the creations that you will see below were made using an Ipad Pro and an Apple Pencil as Jasper wanted to test out their capabilities. If you like what you see you can check out Jasper’s Instagram below. Take a look!
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We have to admit we wouldn’t be able to eat our beans if they were actually little creatures!

Chilling in a bird bath, as you do!

When you’re trying to be camouflaged but fail…

Imagine setting off on a cruise and seeing your ship being eaten!

This is what should happen when you’re trying to diet. 


When someone tries to steal your food…

The preferred method of travel for small monsters!

Step inside, if you dare!

Tired, sad, angry and bored!

You’ll never look at a toilet the same!

Those bystanders look a little too calm for this situation!

This would make tunnels way more exiting.