Awesome Teachers That Are Simply Brilliant Educators

When you think back to your days in education, there will certain teachers that you can easily remember. Granted, some of those teachers will have stayed in your memory for negative reasons, but today we want you to think of the ones who you thought were great. Here we have a list of awesome teachers that you just know are brilliant educators. The students taught by these people were/are lucky to have them if you ask us! Take a look! 

This teacher clearly knows how to interest and engage his audience! 

Awesome Teachers chemistry fire

Taking ‘dress to impress’ to a whole new level! 

Awesome Teachers funny shirt

One caring teacher started a “gentleman’s club” for children who didn’t have a father in their lives. The kids were helped with general life skills and given fatherly advice. 

Awesome Teachers gentlemans club

It’s easy to believe in a teacher when you can see that they love what they do and are amazing at it!

Awesome Teachers giant sand head

We have a feeling, just an inkling, that there are some ‘Magnum, P.I’ fans at this school… 

Awesome Teachers magnum pi picture day

A good teacher knows encouragement and words of affirmation are super important. 

Awesome Teachers man dolphin

A wonderful math teacher celebrating her 100th birthday with some students. 

Awesome Teachers math teacher 100th birthday

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We personally think this is fantastic. 

Awesome Teachers no homeowrk

This teacher was not happy about finals starting at 7:30am so he staged a pajama protest. 

Awesome Teachers pajama protest

Taking ‘Pi’ day at school seriously… 

Awesome Teachers pi day beard

This brilliant guy wore the same clothes on picture day for 40 years. Epic! 

Awesome Teachers same clothes school photo

This sex ed teacher is not allowed to demonstrate how to put on a condom. Therefore, he demonstrated how to put on a sock safely instead! Genius. 

Awesome Teachers sock on foot

This teacher taught their entire lesson dressed like this…

Awesome Teachers star wars costume

We like this teacher’s style. Too many students clock watch! 

Awesome Teachers time is passing