11 People On Their First Day Of School Vs Their Last Day Of School – Part 2


For many parents, your kid’s first day of school is a bittersweet moment. You’re proud of them and they look super adorable heading off with their rucksack half as big as they are. But, at the same time, it’s the end of an era and they’re only going to get more and more independent from here on out, until they graduate and leave home for college or get a job and their own place. We’ve got some awesome photos that basically skip out that whole middle section and show children on their first day of school versus their very last. Take a look!


This daughter’s not (quite) too big to celebrate the last day of school by leaping into her dad’s arms.


On the first day of kindergarten versus the last day of high school.


These buddies graduated kindergarten together and were still friends by the time the graduated high school!


It’s amazing how much a kid can change between their first day as a high school freshman and their last day as a senior.


Yup… he’s definitely grown taller!


The first day of kindergarten versus the last day of med school!


All the way through school and his family still have the same car!


If there’s cake involved, we’d like to finish school every day!


Wait… do those shorts still fit him?!


These best friends were together on the first day of kindergarten and on the last day of school. Aww!


We bet she’s missing that Ariel rucksack!

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