12 Awkward And Hilarious Things That Have Happened on Tinder


If you’re single and don’t have Tinder on your phone, we bet you’re in the minority. In the last few years, it has surged in popularity and now it’s pretty much the only way to do online dating, especially for the younger generation. So, with all these millions of people using this app, there’s bound to be plenty of awkwardness, but also some funny stuff! These are just twelve of the many awkward and hilarious things that have happened on Tinder. Take a look and be sure to share any funny experiences of your own with us!



When someone pretends they’ve got something in common with you but they don’t last too long!


That awkward moment when you realize you’ve been talking to a truck.


There’s always going to be that guy who gets disproportionately angry when you don’t get their lame joke. Think she dodged a bullet, there.


When you mess up someone’s “gun show” line, but they manage to get there in the end, anyway!


If you finally meet someone who appreciates your humor, rejoice!


When you come up with the perfect raunchy yet funny comment and they just don’t get it.


You’ll definitely come across that person who won’t let anything get in the way of a good pun.


Sometimes on Tinder you just have to call it like it is.


When something simple tells you everything you need to know and a person.


If this isn’t a legit reason to want a boyfriend, we don’t know what is!


When Tinder allows you to send yourself a message from the past. Spooky!


Sometimes you come up with a line so good that you can get away with being way too forward!

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