Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know


One of the most awesome aspects of the Internet is that we all have 24/7 access to a whole universe of information. Whatever we want to know and whenever we want to know it, we can find out in seconds via a trusted source. Take a look at these 14 facts that we have gathered for you. Some of these you may already know but others will no doubt be news to you! The one common theme that they share is that they’re all pretty interesting!


The ‘R’ of the logo is actually a cyclist.


You don’t need to unlock your ‘iPhone’ to reply to texts.


This is how you pronounce ‘fungi’ correctly.


To stop your eyes from tearing up when cutting onions, chew gum.


‘Skittles’ replaced their lime candies with green apple flavored ones a few years ago.


It’s impossible to smell when you’re asleep.


This is the best way to access your ketchup when eating fast food.


Sometimes the packaging of foods can be very misleading.


Baby rabbits are called kittens.


Fire doesn’t have a shadow.


The ‘Tostitos’ logo is a pair of people sharing salsa and chips. Yummy!




Most of us have been wearing bobby pins wrong our entire lives!


‘Toad’ is a naughty boy!

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