Artist Sedki Alimam Creates Beautiful Surreal Illustrations


Swedish graphic designer Sedki Alimam has created the most stunning surreal illustrations. Although he has worked with big brands, on more straightforward design work, he's also a great artist with an incredible imagination. This series of illustrations is called Vertigo, and is designed to make the viewer think. Referring to his work, Alimam wrote…

''Vertigo is a project of surrealist prints where I attempt to blend reality with imagination. The collection reflects man’s relationship with future, oneself, or society.?''

Each piece is strange and beautiful in its own way, combining various elements that draw the viewer in. Let's take a look at his work. 

Website: Sedki Alimam


Sedki Alimam


Sedki Alimam


Sedki Alimam



Sedki Alimam


Sedki Alimam


We love the vintage style of his work! Gorgeous! Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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