Fantastical Felted Backpack Looks like You’re Wearing a Pair of Wings

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear a pair of wings and pretend to be an angel once in a while? Now we can! Volha Kotova, a Belarus-based artist, makes it possible for everyone to wear a pair of wings whenever they want to. But this magnificent pair of wings isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. More importantly, this creation is also a felted backpack that can conveniently hold your stuff too.

This fantastic wings backpack is made with felted sheep’s wool crafted to create layers of feathers. Scalloped pieces are meticulously tiered to achieve realistic visual weight and volume. Plus, these felted backpack wings are available in four different color combinations to enhance its realistic quality.

A Felted Backpack That Looks Like Wings

But there’s more to this felted backpack than just its fantastical appearance. It has adjustable straps for greater comfort and a top zipper with an inside lining for easier accessibility. Additionally, it has four interior pockets to hold more of your stuff.

A backpack that can make it look like you could flutter away any moment, how amazing is that? So, if you want to get one of these, check out Kotova’s shop OrangeCatMinsk thru Etsy and order directly from the artist herself.









Source: Etsy

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