Brilliant Ideas For How To Make A Small Bedroom Cozy

Unfortunately, we can’t all have gigantic bedrooms. In fact, some of us feel more comfortable in a smaller space. However, it can be hard to know how to make the most of what you’re working with. We firmly believe it’s not about how much space that you have available that’s important, it’s what you choose to do with it. Here we have some brilliant suggestions for how to make a small bedroom cozy. So, if you’re ready to transform your space, take a look below for some inspiration!  

Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are great for shaping your room and adding symmetry. If you can, put one either side of your bed. Not only do you have extra storage space, but you can also place stuff on top of your tables. 


The amount of light coming into your room makes a huge difference. If you get a choice in the matter, adding an extra window is a great way to make your room look much bigger. 


A feature painting is great for adding character to a room. For smaller spaces, we recommend something bright and bold. 

Built In Lighting

We are huge fans of built in lighting. Having light sources dotted around the entire room really makes a small space seem bigger. How great does the lighting look in the image below?


A canopy is great for setting a warm and comfortable atmosphere! 


Bold colors for wall pieces or feature items such as cushions and photos frames add character to your space. 

Bed Linen

Co-ordination is key. Match your bed linen to your decor to set a theme for your room. 


If you haven’t got enough room for frames, sticking photos up on your wall works well as an alternative. 

Headboard Area

If you’re lacking a headboard, you can still dress up the space! A decorative sheet and some fairy lights looks wonderful!


Mirrors are fantastic for giving the illusion of more space. The reflection of light will make your room feel bright and spacious. 

Feature Wall

Having a feature wall draws the focus to one point of your room. You could even match your sheets and other bedroom pieces! 

Pillows And Plaid

Colorful plaid designs and bright cushions can bring a new lease of life to any room. What’s great is when you get bored you can switch things up easily! 


If you have small window areas, curtains can be too bulky. Opt for blinds are a great alternative! 


If you’re limited for storage and display space around your bedroom, adding shelving is a great idea. An example is shown below!