Artist Enrique Bernal Creates Stunning Pencil Drawings That Look Like They Have Fluorescent Lights

Artist Enrique Bernal has been making pencil drawings depicting realistic illustrations of people and animals. But the talented artist found a way to make his impressive sketches come to life. The artistic use of light visually defines subjects on paintings and sketches. By adding some light effects to his drawings, he was able to make the subject glow, thus creating the illusion of a third dimension.

But how did the artist incorporate light into his two-dimensional drawings? There’s no magic, really. Enrique Bernal uses an app called MediBang Paint, a free illustration production software developed by the Japanese developer MediBang Inc. By using this app, Bernal is able to add artificial lighting to his sketches. As a result, the digital light effect makes it look like the drawings are lit with fluorescent lights.


Upon seeing the impressive result, Enrique Bernal proceeded by cleverly using placement of the subject’s glare. This is to make the subject conform to the light source to achieve a more realistic effect. Furthermore, he took advantage of the digital glow to contour the features of the subject such as face and hair.


This technique also allowed him to add more dazzling effects such as luminous butterflies and shining tattoos. His skillful use of digital manipulation made it look like the sketches are basking in a mysterious fluorescent light source.


We’ve compiled some of Enrique Bernal’s most amazing pencil sketches with digital lighting.


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