15 Creative DIY Room Dividers That Will Redefine Your Space


If you live in a loft or your home has one or two really large rooms, you might find that room dividers can help you to break up that space. This can make your home feel more organized, especially if you have rooms which you use for more than one purpose, for instance a lounge/dining room or a bedroom/office. The trouble is that store-bought room dividers can often be either too expensive, too bulky, or just plain ugly. These DIY room dividers are simple, cool and will make your space look awesome.


These old windows make an interesting room divider.


Used vinyl records are a cool and quirky room divider choice.


Learn to make your own sliding door room divider.


This rope room divider gives a rustic feel. 


Have a living room divider with this amazing wall of plants.


Old pallets make a fun and charming divider.


If you've got a lot of time on your hands, you could make a dividing wall out of Lego. So awesome!


This fabric room divider is simple, yet effective.


These old doors have been given a new lease of life.



This lace curtain makes an elegant room divider.


Chalkboard paint turns this basic room divider into something special. 


Large branches can be turned into a rustic room divider.


This is a great way to reuse those old plastic bottles.


Turn a bookcase 90 degrees from the wall and it becomes a super cute room divider.


Artists or art-lovers can hang canvases to act as room dividers.