See What Products Movie Characters Might Endorse In The Real World


Have you ever wondered what your favorite movie heroes and villains might do for a bit of extra cash? Well, if you imagine that they lived in our world, they'd be famous and influential people. And, what do famous people do to make a quick buck? Often, they endorse products and appear in advertising campaigns. Some people over at 'DesignCrowd' an online community of designers, have imagined what these iconic protagonists and antagonists might advertise if they belonged in our universe, and then have created awesome manipulated images putting these characters into existing ads. The results are frankly, hilarious. From 'Darth Vader' advertising a fabric softener for darks to 'The Joker' advertising 'Colgate', some of these ideas are strokes of genius! Take a look!
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If you were to create a mock up like one of these, which hero or villain would you use and what would you have them advertise?

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