11 Problems That Anyone Who Lives Alone Will Identify With


There are plenty of advantages about living alone. You don't have to deal with potentially loud, crazy or obnoxious roommates who may or may not pay their rent on time, you never have to fight for the remote, and you can walk around in your undies any time you want! But, we're not going to lie, there are also some things that really suck about living by yourself. These are eleven problems that anyone who lives alone will identify with! Check them out!


You often sleep with makeshift weapons in your bed!


When something bad happens, you're the one who has to handle it!


And you're the one who has to remember those little things that will stop you from burning the house down.



You spend so much time in your own company, that you start to realize how weird you really are!


If you hear a noise at night, you are usually convinced it's an intruder.


When you go out you have to get ready all alone, which is boring!


Plus, it means you've got nobody to help you with your outfit.


Everything is your responsibility, from paying bills to fixing things that break!


Cooking for one is pointless, so your fridge often looks like this…


You end up drinking alone more than you'd like!


Even though you love living by yourself, you do get lonely sometimes. But, hey, that's what wine is for.

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