18 Incredible And Impressive Drone Photos Captured In 2017

Drone photography is becoming more popular through the years, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more amazing drone photos these days. Drones can take truly unbelievable photos we never thought would be possible. And they can get to places that would be too tricky for humans. Most of these places would require unlimited helicopters, and some areas would be too difficult even for those. Check out this collection of 18 incredible and impressive drone photos captured in 2017. Because you might be inspired to try out this new kind of art.

Firstly, this is the ultimate summer photo everyone needs to have.

And this whale swimming right beneath the boat. Truly incredible.

More than 5 million flowers and plants were used to recreate the A380 plane in Dubai, UAE. Impressive!

This drone captured the tops of the buildings visible in the clouds.

And this is what paradise means.

Because sometimes it’s the simple pictures that are most the impressive. A long road that stretches across the forest at sunset in USA.

An eagle flies over a national park in Bali, Indonesia.

This stadium exploding in fireworks after a match between Bulgaria and Italy.stadium-with-fireworks


These people riding on quad bikes in Dubai, UAE.

Drone photography at its finest

Some cows drinking in the morning sunshine in South Africa.

A sunrise in the Devil’s Throat waterfall, Misiones, Argentina.

Some elephant seals chilling out in California, USA.

A winter wonderland in Ukraine.

The great polar bear swimming in the Arctic. Incredible or what!

Colombia’s Tatacoa Desert.

Just a normal day for these industrial window cleaners. Mercury City Tower, Moscow.

A family of storks nesting on an electrical tower in Poland.

And lastly, a woman collecting water lilies in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Aren’t these pictures just stunning?