Gross-Looking Food That You Wouldn’t Want Served At Your Table

Visually-appealing foods are enticing and they make you drool just by merely looking. But what about gross-looking food? Would you give it a chance and hope it tastes better than it looks? Or avoid them all together? In this Instagram-age where food photography is across the board, presentation is more substantial than taste. But what if a food looks so awfully disgusting? Well, it doesn’t mean it’s going to taste horrible just because it looks horrible. And some people may claim to actually like them. But if you really care about the appearance, you’ll probably feel sick when you see these meals. Check out the pictures of gross-looking food that you wouldn’t want served at your table and prepare to gag.


This jelly and vienna sausage combo doesn’t look so appetizing. And I don’t even want to imagine how they taste together.

Instagram | arugulamilkshake

If this is your idea of a party food, I’m sorry, but I’m not attending any of your parties.

Reddit | YanisK

Someone tried to make a pancake and miraculously created a Frisbee instead.

Imgur | kludge77

I don’t intend to make it worse, but this is called stinky tofu due to its revolting smell. Looks bad, smells bad, but tastes great!

Huffington Post

You may not know it, but Colgate actually produced frozen dinner to encourage people to brush their teeth after eating. But it was a big flop so the production immediately stopped.

Instagram | arugulamilkshake

Disgusting looking foods that will make you gag



Anyone can go creative when it comes to cakes. Someone made a litter-box cake and those tiny brown things are… never mind…

Reddit | liasis

No, frog eggs are NOT edible! These are actually basil eggs that some people claim have a mild taste. Ew!

Huffington Post

These are pretzels dipped in white chocolate and tipped with sugar sprinkles. The only downside is that they made it look like cigarettes sitting on an ashtray.

Reddit | lilydrop

Why would anyone want to eat a unicorn?


Snickers and pickles are working together for this?! What sorcery is this? Vom.

Instagram | arugulamilkshake

We all know that kids are not fond of sauerkraut. But it’s a different story when they use it to build a snowman.

Instagram | 2ng_chan

So if the watermelon rind is the womb, and the red juice is the blood, what are those fetuses made of? Why am I even asking? This is so disturbing in many ways.

Reddit | SneakingSprinkles