15 Hacks To Make A Parents Job Easier – Part 2


People's lives can become very hectic when they've got little ones to care for. Make your life that little bit easier by trying out some of these great tips and tricks. They've been created by parents themselves and have all been tried and tested. They really are genius! But don't take our word for it, see for yourselves!

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A camera bag makes the perfect diaper bag thanks to it's many pockets and compartments.

camera bag diaper bag



Use a glue gun on the soles of shoes for extra grip to prevent slipping.


Make some easy dolly hairspray with 2 tbsp fabric softener and water. Look at the transformation!


Make mess-free chalk for drawing on sidewalks.

chalk deodorant sticks



Use plastic shower caddies in the car for when you eat food.


Egg cartons come in handy when playing card games.


If you're out in the yard with the baby, protect them from mosquitos with a crib sheet.

crib sheet mosquito net



Pieces of fleece make great teething guards on your baby's crib.


Plug up holes in bath toys with your glue gun. This will prevent any mold growing.



Make a fun wallet for when you go out to restaurants to keep fidgety kids occupied. 

busy wallet for restaurants



Use permanent marker dots to identify which clothing belongs to which child.


Use party poppers to catch kids trying to sneak out of the house.


Use padlocks on plugs to stop your kids from plugging in games consoles when they're not allowed to.

padlock plugs



Do your little ones wet the bed? Try puppy pads.


Take a baby bath to the beach so they can have some splash fun too.

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