18 Ideas To Make Your Backyard Even More Awesome

It might be winter for some of us right now, but the warmer weather will soon come and you’ll want to start spending more time in your backyard again. Turning your garden into a place that’s awesome to hang out in can seem like it will take a lot of time and effort, but it’s really not too hard a task when you know how. Take a look at these amazing ideas and see how you can improve your backyard. Make your backyard even more awesome and the rest of your family will have a hard time dragging you inside and away from all your new toys.

Old tree stumps can be repurposed into something wonderful. 

Make a sunflower house for playing or relaxing in.

Rope lighting is a stunning way to illuminate garden paths.

Rainbow fire crystals will bring some color to your fire pit. 

Pool noodles can be used to facilitate a game of kickball croquet.

Or to craft this floating cooler.

Glow-in-the-dark paint turns planters into backyard lighting.

Hang old mirrors in your garden to reflect light and perhaps even make the space look bigger.

Planting lemongrass is an easy and effective way to ward off mosquitos. 

Old keys and some acrylic paint can be transformed into a cool wind chime. 

Get some glow bracelets or necklaces and have yourself a night time ring toss game.

Drill holes in your fence and stick colored glass marbles into them for an attractive effect.

Use Epsom salts as an excellent, yet inexpensive, fertilizer. 

Don’t have a few grand to spend on a splash pad? Make your own with a tarp and some sprinkler attachments.

Hang an old chandelier in your backyard, remove the bulbs and replace them with small solar powered lights.

Give an old chair a new lease of life by turning it into a garden swing.

Hang old bottles and fill them with flowers to make gorgeous decorations for a party or event.

Put scraps of yarn in an old bird feeder. Your avian chums will collect it to use in their nests.