Bring Your Walls At Home To Life With These 21 DIY 3D Art Ideas

When you’re thinking of brightening up a boring, plain wall, a fresh coat of paint or a framed picture isn’t the only way you can go about it. Why not get really creative and add some 3D wall art to your living spaces? It’s a fun way of decorating, and best of all, you can do it yourself and make something to be proud of. Check out these 21 DIY ways to make your walls 3D.

You can make almost any hanging shape you like out of cardboard cutouts, like this heart for instance.


Envelopes can add a layer of interest to a wall.





Butterflies are a really popular form of wall art, not to mention cute and pretty.


As are flowers, which you can make from a variety of materials in all different shapes and sizes.



A little of the outdoors can be brought indoors for a unique effect.










crazinessensues.wordpressGet creative using pebbles.


Look how eye-catching this vase of flowers inside a frame in.