Awesome 3D Paper Masks And Sculptures You Can Make Yourself


Are you bored and stuck for something to do? Do you have a printer, some paper, scissors and glue? If the answer to these questions is "yes" then we have the best idea for you! Matthew Green creates awesome patterns which people can print out and use to create amazing masks or paper sculptures. It all started when Green decided to share some patterns for video game inspired paper sculptures he'd created. Due to a positive response, he decided to post more and expand his range. There's a whole series of dinosaur masks available, as well as various other creatures, helmets, and more. There is a small fee for downloading these patterns, but they're well worth it, and once you've downloaded the pattern, you can use it to make as many masks as you like. Hello, dinosaur army! 

Website: Tetra Variations








Well, we certainly know what we're doing with our next day off!

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