This Guy Creates Alternative And Hilarious Book Sections At His Local Book Store


Check out these hilarious pictures someone took in their local bookstore! Sick of seeing such boring book section titles, the bookworm daredevil decided to replace the cards marking the sections with his own. His ones are still accurate enough, yet they're also awesomely funny. The creative prankster simply waltzed into the store one day and casually replaced the book section titles with his own, taking photographs of his work and gapping it before any of the store staff noticed. Check out his fine work!


Dudes who lost their shirts.


Meals you intend to make, but never will.


Great places to poop.


Books you'll have to read a million times.



Animals I want to wrestle.


Anxiety-inducting books.


Things that scare me.


Women with short professional haircuts.

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