Disgustingly Gross Food That Will Make You Want To Vom

Don’t let your guard down because you may need to prepare yourself for what you’re about to see. Looking at these pictures of gross food is good way to test your gag reflex due to their over-the-top ridiculousness. We often see a lot of visually-delicious foods but now it’s time to give the spotlight to their icky counterparts. These are the types of foods that shouldn’t have found their way to the table but they made it otherwise. So if you’re ready, feast your eyes at some gross food that will make you gag in disgust.


Babies are adorable but meat babies are repulsive. What’s wrong with these people? How can anyone have the guts to gorge on that thing? Those bulging eyes and spaghetti hair are not helping either.

Reddit | MilkMilkerton

It looks good on the outside but wait till you see what’s inside. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are really radishes covered with chocolate.

Reddit | sloth_chunk

Condiments are good for what they are so leave them alone. Condiment cake is a big no-no!

Reddit | mnimly78

Canned pork and beans are best served cooked or even straight out of the can. But making them into popsicles? I’m not sure about it.

Reddit | SatansGoodSide

A fruit gusher is yummy on its own. A meatball is delectable on its own. But putting them together is one bad decision.

Reddit | BlupHox

Some people will go to a lot of trouble just to change the way we see common foods. No one ever wished to change the shape of an egg because who cares about the shape?

Reddit | Dexterityy

Gelatin is supposed to be sweet because we don’t call it dessert for nothing. So what’s this atrocious idea of throwing in peas, shrimp, boiled egss and carrots into it?

Reddit | GoogIeCEO

Disgusting foods that will make you want to hurl



A certain restaurant made its version of Easter Eggs Benedict. We’ll let that orange hollandaise pass but that gray-colored goo is totally unacceptable. Fail.

Reddit | Ebaudendi

Can we start a manhunt to arrest the dentist who did Hello Kitty’s teeth on this photo? This is unforgivable!

Reddit | Miles___

Okay, everyone! Pick your poison!

Reddit | Dogeboja

This is supposed to be a Mickey Mouse pancake. But please don’t show this hideous mouse to your kids.

Reddit | goldenberryrae

They think they’ve created something innovative when they came up with yogurt soda. The idea itself is dubious enough, but the packaging is even more suspicious.

Reddit | w4llfl0wer

These are actually strawberry dessert pies in the shape of teeth-and-gums. Would you take a bite of these abominable foods?

teeth jelly pie crazy food ideas

Steak cake, anyone? Props to the ingenuity of the person who thought pudding and steak taste good together. Such a disaster.

Reddit | designedsilence

This sushi soup dish is a great insult to the Japanese cuisine so that’s a no from me.


So did these pictures of gross food make you want to vom because we surely feel sick right about now…