The Doors Of The New Owl Bar In London To Open Soon


You've probably heard of cat cafes but have you ever heard of an owl bar? Popular in Tokyo as the photos below illustrate, people are beginning to go owl crazy in London, England now too! Annie the owl along with a few of her friends will be taking over a pop-up bar in a secret location in Soho, London in March. Desperate to get their hands on tickets for the event, more than 43,000 people have applied for the ballot! For only £20 the lucky winners will gain entry to the bar for two hours. They will also be allowed two cocktails as well as some time with the owls who are well used to public events so there is no need to worry about stressing them out. The owls attending the bar are used at weddings and events and will each be accompanied by a professional falconer at all times. All proceeds will be donated to an owl charity and the all important dates and times are March 19-25 2015, 8:30 PM till 2:00 AM.

Website: AnnietheOwl


tokyo owl


owl bar owls


owl head


owl hand


welcome owl


cute owl hand



owl audience


owl on hand


girl owl head


grey owl


owl toy sheep

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