Success Stories From People Who Did Not Go To College

In order to be successful in life, it is a common notion for almost everyone that going to college is really a must. However, with all the expenses and the work load of going to college, many are put off. Hence, the high number of people that end up choosing other career opportunities instead, and we can’t blame them. However, this isn’t always a bad thing. Here we have a list of people who did not go to college but ended up even more successful than some people that have. So without further ado, here are some of their inspiring and quite funny experiences…
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#1 We’re just starting our round up about these kinds of people but look how successful this person is. We can just never predict our own success.

#2 Sometimes, we just have to take risks. It’s all about experience anyway.

#3 Ah, the American dream at its finest. I’m pretty sure a lot of people will be inspired to work harder.


#4 Life is about pleasing yourself after all and not others.

#5 The kind of life you have been wanting to have is now at the palm of your hands, live it wisely.

#6 Witnessing a new life bloom and capturing precious moments are indeed way better than stressing yourself out.

#7 See! Who says not having a college degree can take you nowhere? 

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#8 Nice! As long as you’re happy and what you do can pay your debts, this is great!

#9 Who would’ve ever imagined?

#10 Good game well played! It’s all about having the right mindset.

#11 Pretty well indeed! 

#12 Now this is how you choose your battle! Way to go for a job well done!

#13 Things like this make you wonder… 

#14 Incredible! No regrets and happy, that’s what matters most.

#15 Experience is truly the best teacher. First hand information and you get to see how things work. Congratulations!

What can you say about these people? Have you got your own success story to tell? Share us your thoughts!