People Share Their Resolutions For The Year 2018

When the start of a new year approaches, many people start to think about what they would like from life. There’s something about a year ending that makes us feel like we can have a fresh start, full of opportunities. Some people find it a lot easier to set themselves goals and targets as January is about to roll around. Below we have a list of people sharing their resolutions for the year 2018. Take a look and see if anything inspires you!
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This one had us fooled for a moment there!

Sometimes we need to learn to be okay with being alone. 

Time is a great healer. 

Good for you! We hope you are accepted with open arms. 

Becoming our own self sufficient person can be a scary but fantastic change! 

Life’s too short to be miserable! Good luck! 

Obsessive thinking can ruin lives! 

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Who has time for people who aren’t worthy of being in your life?

Awesome! We hope that you smash your goal! 

Learning to stand up for yourself brings with it a triumphant feeling!

There’s so much beauty to be found. 

2018 body goals here you come! 


A few people could benefit from this. So many of us waste time being glued to screens.