Genius Fails That Cannot be Understood Logically

There are certain things around us that make you question the reason for their existence. As far as design is concerned, we don’t need to be design experts to figure out that some structures, advertisements, and products are so hilariously messed up. Nonetheless, we all love poking fun at these genius fails even if we can’t understand the concept behind them. We have collected the funniest design fails that will make you scratch your head.



When the traffic light signal is so shy that it doesn’t want to be seen.

This is so useful when you’re too tired to use your hand to open a can with a can opener.

Something doesn’t seem right after the transformation.

The conference room is quite confusing.

If you want to have a beer belly so bad, you can try this waist pack.

What were they thinking?

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Winnie’s visit to the dentist was successful.

There’s no such thing as privacy in this bathroom.

Laser cat-zillas never go out of style.

This is why it is critical to visit your dentist regularly.

The Viagra-flavored ice cream looks arousing.

They turned her into an alien.

One of the many perplexities of panoramic photography.

There’s always a catch when buying clothes online.

Why does the projector always display Mt. Fuji on screen?