People Who Had The Wrong First Impression When Meeting Their Partners

When meeting someone for the first time, first impressions play a crucial part on how we feel towards them. Especially if you’re looking for a potential lifetime partner, first impressions are truly important since it would serve as the initial foundation of whatever relationship you might end up with. At times, however, things aren’t black and white. Here we have a selection of people who had the wrong first impression when meeting their partners! Take a look! 

Indeed, a good way to know someone deeply is by not judging him straight away. Give yourself time to know that person first.

This woman has no idea that she’s in a for a big surprise! This will teach us a lesson not to jump to conclusion right away.

When you’re not sure of something, just like for this woman’s situation, the best way and advice that we could probably give is to ask. Poor boyfriend, such innocent man accused of something he isn’t.

This is the part where the “getting to know” stage of any relationship is important. Who knows, the love of your life could be sitting right next to you already.

This boyfriend could be a perfect example of how looks can be deceiving.

Expectations vs. Reality.

Who would’ve thought this girlfriend could be having the greatest conversationalist with her already?

Wow, this guy seems to be the luckiest of them all. His girlfriend appears to be #girlfriendgoals to some.

That’ll teach girls not to underestimate those so-called skinny guys out there.

Ah, the influence of social media. Sometimes it’s also a good way to know someone before judging them.

Maybe some things just don’t last that long. A harsh truth that we must all learn to accept.

This must have been an awkward moment for the both of them. It’s kind of funny yet sweet, too.

Life can sometimes be tricky. We’re just glad things went well for this girlfriend.

When love turns into fear. Could be one of the downsides of having such huge expectations towards someone.

Because sometimes, a second chance is all that everybody needs.

Well, love, after all, knows no gender. Love in all forms.

Some people’s humility seemed to have faded over time.

When you think you’re wrong about someone but turns out you were right all along.

Perhaps a little time in learning the fashion is all this boyfriend needs? We really hope so.

Now here’s another proof that we should all get to know someone first and not expect too much from them. After all, we could be wrong.

How about you? What were some of your first impressions on your partner? We’d like to hear your experiences!