Photoshop Wizard James Fridman Is Back With Even More Hilarious Edits

If you’re already familiar with the talents that James Fridman possesses, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve got some fresh material for you. For those who aren’t yet familiar, James is what you would call a Photoshop wizard. He has an awesome ability to manipulate photos in a unique way and thankfully for us as the viewing public, he takes requests. James has over 650k Instagram followers and over 870k Twitter followers. Take a look below to see what all the fuss is about!
Website: JamesFridman

We love Aaron’s hand!

We bet the likes would roll in with this one!

The catch of the day!

No longer open for business…

The silent killer…

Can you imagine if that t-shirt was real? Haha…

Job done!

Excellent footwear choice, James.

One photo that definitely needs to be framed!

Jokes aside, what lovely water!

That is one terrifyingly happy monkey…

If Dobby had a sister…



Our day has certainly been made better after looking at these hilarious images. One thing we can’t quite get our heads around is how serious people are when they put in a request with James. It’s quite clear that he adds a fun twist to his edits yet people seem really sincere and hopeful when they ask something to be changed? Either way, it would be an exiting privilege to have a photo transformed by James. If you’re interested in submitting a photo, head over to James’ website which you can find here.  

This took us a second to figure out!

Your wish is James’ command.


You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round, round, round!

The weirdest looking mermaid we’ve ever seen!


What a horrible phrase to use…


Always wear sun protection!

That is one fierce looking lamp lady. 

There is often a simple and logical solution to many problems in life…

Can you spot the father and daughter?

That cat’s eyes look straight into your soul!

Waterfall showers are the best kind of showers.