These Women Tell You Why They Stopped Wearing Bras For Good

There’s still a lingering question whether it is necessary to wear a bra or not. While there are pros and cons to wearing a bra, the decision to wear it or not depends entirely on you. Some women wear it for a variety of reasons. It can serve as a breast support to reduce excessive motion and discomfort. It makes active women move freely without worries of nip slips. Wearing a bra has its own advantages but not wearing it is also not a bad idea. Some women find themselves more comfortable without a bra. And some of them even noticed enhancement on their breast size and shape when they stopped wearing bras.


These women reveal the reasons why they stopped wearing bras for good and they’ll convince you to do the same.



Your body will thank you later.

Others opinions don’t matter. Carry on.

The most important decision you will ever make is to be in a good mood.

Tight bras can actually reduce blood circulation to the breasts. Poor blood circulation can lead to more health risks.

Start a revolution!

Bra-less is the new sexy.

Feels like you’re freed from the chains.

Enjoy the natural freedom.

More and more women have stopped wearing bras. Are you ready to ditch yours?


If it makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin then it’s good for you.

Everyone, pay attention to me!

Women have different opinions about it.

You define your own beauty. Don’t let society define you.

Subtle is beautiful.

Keeping it stealth and loving it.

Oh, you know the reason why!

Congratulations, girl!

There’s nothing ugly about your body. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I hope that’s a good thing.

There are health risks in wearing improperly sized and underwire bras.