Grass Flip Flops Allow You The Comfort Of Nature While Protecting Your Feet From Anything Sharp

Do you like the feeling of stepping on freshly cut grass? While some people are uncomfortable with it, there are those who find it soothing and pleasing. If you are one of the latter, you’re probably wishing to be walking on grass all the time. And it seems like this wish can now be granted, thanks to these grass sandals. Wearing this pair of flip flops gives you the same pleasant sensation you get from treading on actual fresh grass.

grass sandals artificial turf flip flops

Walking on grass isn’t all about the calming sensation you get on your feet. Take note that the feet are store houses of reflexology zones that are connected to different body organs. Hence, stimulating these zones can help relieve ailments of various parts of the body. In addition to this health benefit, walking on grass also connects us to the elements of nature. Natural elements such as grass have a certain flow of energy that neutralizes negative electrical impulses in our body. Thus, it cleanses our bodies of negative energies while bringing in positive effects for a healthier mind and body.

These grass sandals have synthetic turf that simulate actual lawn grass

grass sandals artificial turf flip flops lightweight


grass sandals artificial turf flip flops white color


grass sandals artificial turf flip flops sole


grass sandals artificial turf flip flops eva sole

These grass sandals feature simulated lawn grass that is made from synthetic turf. Although it uses artificial grass, the soft turf material is actually the closest thing to the texture of real lawn grass. Unlike real grass, the artificial turf on these grass sandals never grows. So you don’t have to worry about mowing it every week. Every step you make, it makes you feel like you’re stepping on fresh grass all the time.

grass sandals artificial turf flip flops amazon


grass sandals artificial turf flip flops color options


grass sandals artificial turf flip flops white


grass sandals artificial turf flip flops black white

Apart from the grassy surface, these grass sandals have lightweight yet durable soles that are made with EVA material. The straps are made with PVC material making them flexible and strong. These flip flops are available in many different sizes to fit men, women, and kids alike. The sole and straps come in two different colors – black and white. Get them here and feel the refreshing tingle on your feet everywhere you go. You can also give a pair of grass sandals as a gag gift to surprise your friends. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Love them! Grass is always greener where I’m standing! Got [my] friend a pair for her birthday too! Very comfortable. First time wearing them was painful on the toe but only a few minutes and [it] hasn’t hurt since.”