Paintings Of Bill Murray As Other Wes Anderson Characters


Who doesn't love a bit of Bill Murray? He's notoriously eccentric, but equally brilliant, and has starred in some incredible and iconic movies, from Ghost Busters to Lost in Translation. However, if you're as big a Wes Anderson fan as we are, you'll know that he's a favorite of the director and has appeared in the majority of his movies. This got fine artist Casey Weldon thinking… “what if it could be all Murray, all the time?” So, Weldon did what any reasonable person would do, and decided to paint Bill Murray in the place of six non-Murray Wes Anderson characters. The results are as awesome as they are disturbing, and we can't seem to look away! These quirky portraits appeared in the "Bad Dads" exhibition, an exhibition devoted to Wes Anderson, at Spoke Art in San Francisco. Let's take a look!

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Which Wes Anderson character would you Bill Murray-ize if you had the chance? Let us know in the comment section below!

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