12 Times Tumblr Talked About Animals With Hilarious Results – Part 1


If you frequent Tumblr, you know that almost no subject is off the table. Although there’s certainly a lot of talk about Harry Potter and Benedict Cumberbatch, there’s still plenty of time for Tumblr users to discuss adorable animals, and things often get funny! We’ve picked out some of our favorite animal-related Tumblr posts for you folks to enjoy. Not only do you get cute pictures of furry (and feathery and scaly) friends, you also get some amusing commentary to go with it! So, here are twelve times when Tumblr talked about animals with hilarious results. Take a look! 



Now that’s the sort of thing we’d like to grow instead of regular old house plants. 


We will never not love this photo!


Best receptionist ever!


And when you’re way up here, it’s crystal clear…


She might just get away with it.


We would love to see this in real life!


Silly owl!


You need to learn how to recognize both uppercase and lowercase varieties.


Aww. Bromance!


“God, dad… why do you always take it too far?”


Fishy kissies.


With a face like that, you could never stay mad!

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