10 Examples Of Creepy Nail Art To Try This Halloween


We love halloween here at Awesome Inventions, and get excited over everything from pumpkins to costumes and anything in-between. That’s why we’ve fallen head over heels with these spooky and gruesome examples of nail art from the talented “PiggieLuv.” Although there aren’t tutorials to go with these works of nail art, they could still give you some ideas and inspiration for your halloween nails. The more subtle ones would be great for work or school on halloween, even if you’re not meant to dress up. We love these ideas and we want to give them all a go! So, check out these ten examples of creepy nail art to try this halloween!


This looks realistic enough to make us cringe. Hard.


We love the use of glow in the dark varnish here to create the illusion of a kid’s nightmare.


And another awesome variation on the same theme.


These stitched up nails look pretty gruesome.


Don’t fear the reaper.


These nails have a kind of twisted Alice in Wonderland vibe.


You can’t go wrong with mummies for halloween.


The cobweb effect here is awesome!


This looks as though someone has bloodied their nails digging their way out of the grave.


We love these 3D effect ghosts.

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