16 Creative Craft-Themed Cake And Dessert Ideas


If you love sewing and all things crafty, then you'll simply love this wonderful collection of craft-inspired cakes and desserts. They look almost too good to eat! Maybe you belong to a craft group? Imagine how impressed the other members would be if you show up with a plate of button-shaped cookies, or a cake that looks exactly like a Singer sewing machine! Or maybe you have a friend or relative who is into quilting or knitting. Why not surprise them with a themed birthday cake they will never forget! Check out these 17 amazing and delicious designs for crafty, sweet inspiration.


Knitting Cup Cakes


Yarn Ball Cake Toppers


Knitting Birthday Cake


Quilted Cake




Sewing Machine Cake


Button & Thread Cake


Sewing Basket Cake


Embroidery Cookies


Beaded Cookie



Knitted Mitten Cookies


Pom Pom Cake Topper


Knitting Basket Cake


Peanut Butter Chocolate Button Cookies


Bunting Cake


Quilting Biscuits


Crewel Cake