Former Bullies Reveal Why They Don’t Regret Their Actions

Anyone who has experienced bullying before will say how horrible it is. Unfortunately, many people have been tormented by nasty bullies. Whilst this can occur to anyone at any age, it seems to be particularly common among the younger generation. There are many people who feel remorseful about the way they treated others in their youth, however, there are many who don’t. Here we have a list of former bullies revealing why they don’t regret their actions. Take look…
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We understand that people grow up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be remorseful for your negative choices in the past. 

We agree with standing up to bullies, but targeting innocent people is never okay. 

It’s hard to judge this situation without knowing what made the teacher so awful… 

What justifies as a good reason though?

Being popular does not mean a person deserves to be bullied. 

We wouldn’t class giving bullies a taste of their own medicine as bullying. 

It sounds like this person has trouble taking responsibility for their actions. ‘I was young’ is not an excuse. 

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Well, doesn’t this person sound just lovely?

Who gave this person the right to decide how people should view life?

There are other ways to bring people out of their shells. We wouldn’t want this person as our friend. 

Why? Why don’t you feel bad about it?!

We hope that there is eventually a time when bullying is not a standard ‘part of life’. 

Some people might see this as wrong, but many will agree with this person’s defensive actions. 

We find this totally strange.