10 Creative Things You Can Do With Your Old Socks


What's with that pile of old orphaned socks we all have in the dark recesses of our rooms? Where do they come from anyway and who do some of these items belong to? It's an age old mystery and one that we are no closer to solving. With this in mind, we have collected together ten of the most awesome alternative uses for old socks imaginable. From sock teddy bears to arm warmers, there is sure to be something here to suit everyone! 


Just find a good sized smooth rock, cover with a sock of your choice and you have a cool paperweight!


Make your flower pots look cute and quirky by covering them with socks!


This sock bear is so cute and easy to put together too. Instructions here.


Every child loves a cute sock puppet. Make one with an odd sock you have lying around. Instructions here.


Run out of dusters? Use old socks instead!


Make an iPod sock from an actual sock! 


Socks are great for cleaning floors too!   



Help keep your winter drinks warm by stretching a clean sock around a mug.


How about making cool fingerless gloves?  


Sock arm warmers keep the chills away!

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