10 Strange Hotels That You Never Knew Existed


Planning a vacation soon? Sick and tired of those boring old apartment block style hotels? We might just have the thing for you! Take a look at this hand picked selection of some of the strangest, wildest and wackiest hotels around. Fancy a trip into space but don't have time for astronaut training? Fear not, the Euro Space Center in Luxembourg offers English speaking residential programs which allow you to experience all the excitement of training as an astronaut without the hefty price tag and selection process. What's more is that you can bring the whole family along too! So whether you are into space, art, ice or even trolls, this article could well be just what you are looking for!


Mira Mira Accommodation, Crossover, Australia

Other worldly cool!


Maison Moschino, Milan, Italy

One for the fashionista.


Jazz Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

Like your music? You'll love this chilled out jazz experience. All rooms are named after top jazz artists.


Abali Gran Sultanato, Palermo, Italy


Featherbed Railroad, Nice, United States of America

Themed vintage railroad cabooses don't get much better than this! What do you mean you've never stayed in a themed vintage railroad caboose??!


The Pavillion London, London, UK

Beautiful bohemian escapism in the heart of the big city.



La Balade des Gnomes, Heyd Nr Durbuy, Belgium

Weird gnomey goodness and a trojan horse suite. Cool!


Controversy Tram Hotel, Hoogwoud, Netherlands


Hotel Galeria Spirit, Bratislava, Slovakia


Euro Space Center, Transinne, Belgium

Get lost in space and bring your friends too!