30 Construction Fails That Are Unbelievably Stupid – Part1

As you scroll through these ridiculous construction fails we can guarantee the same thoughts will cross your minds as they did ours…. what on earth were these people thinking? Surely if they made a mistake during building they would have to start over again and get it right? You would think so, wouldn’t you? The problem with all of these poorly designed places is the fact that they have simply been left there instead of corrected, changed or removed all together. All of them are pointless and unable to serve their purpose properly, so what’s the point of leaving them there?! We think the answer to that question is simply to entertain people!

Funny Construction Fails

Whilst this seems funny at a first glance, low down ATM’s actually make a lot of sense for people in wheelchairs and well, short people!

man sitting down using low down atm

A completely useless balcony. Who wouldn’t want one?

white balcony black railings no access

We’re receiving mixed messages here. The benches say ‘come take a seat’ whilst the fencing screams ‘do not come near’!

benches on grass fenced off by railings

If you’re going to put a pole in the middle of a pathway, make it a bold color so it stands out! We can imagine this place has had its fair share of accidents.

pole sticking out in the middle of a cyclist pathway

On this occasion we would most certainly not be taking the leap of faith!

railway bridge missing chunk

This surveillance equipment looks like a worthwhile investment!

security camera blocked by tv screen

We would love to know the thought process behind this! Was it an accident or intentional?

window covering chimney breast showing internal bricks

Close enough!

corner-flag and white lines outside of fence fail

You must reach level 100 of life to be able to enter this door…

second floor door with no access

…and this one is level 200.

high up door no access construction fail

We can just imagine the amount of people who have been at the bottom of these steps waiting to escalate! Misleading indeed

non moving steps that look like escalator

Thank goodness for this illuminated sign, we would be lost for an exit otherwise!

fire-exit sign illuminated above door next to open space

Let’s hope everyone pays attention to where they’re walking!

gate fencing in the middle of pathway access way over mud

We really want to know what’s behind this door, considering no one can open it…

door being blocked from opening by hand railing on stairs

Well, that’s the problem solved, sort of.

broken patio that allows door to open

Design Fails

This payphone likes you to put some effort in to reap its rewards. So, you better grab a friend and work together to gain some height!

very tall red payphone with woman trying to reach

Taking ‘mind the step’ to a whole new level.

gold pipe blocking door entrance hazard

Living life dangerously can be fun in certain ways, but this is not one of them!

sink hovering over plug sockets

We always do wonder what the justification was for construction fails like this. Things that serve no purpose whatsoever. Did someone just need the practice?

random ramp and steps in middle of no where

Beware of the random and confusing lane change!

white road markings not lining up persons shadow taking photo

This barrier must be such a useful deterrent. It looks so secure and intimidating!

yellow barrier with blue and red stripes on the side of an open road

We call this feature ‘the slide of serious injury’. To be used with extreme caution!

purple slide that leads to concrete hole

There must be a secret door. All our years of playing video games leads to this conclusion.

two steps leading into blank wall

There’s wacky, and then there’s this…

back to front door handle and random outdoor steps

Squeeze! You can do it!

stairway with tiny access gap

Once at the top of the stairs, one must climb over the railing. This was put into place for exercise purposes. A little bit of extra effort here and there really adds up!

steps the are blocked off at the top and sides with metal railings

Some would say this toilet fits perfectly!

sideways toilet fitting perfectly in corner of room with red tiles

Sometimes you’d rather carry out a mediocre ‘solution’ than go through all the effort of changing something!

door with cut out piece missing in the shape of the toilet so it can open and close

Can you imagine needing to use the facilities and seeing this?

toilet underneath sink basin

‘Some very minor light disturbance, you’ll hardly notice a thing!’

window blocked partially by outside wall construction fails

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